Electron Cryo-Microscopy Of Chikungunya VLP in complex with mouse Mxra8 receptor

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The structure 6NK6 has in total 16 chains. These are represented by 4 sequence-unique entities.

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Chain P: Matrix remodeling-associated protein 8

Chain Info

Polymer: 1
Length: 269 residues
Chain Type: polypeptide(L)
Reference: UniProtKB (Q9DBV4)
Up-to-date UniProt Ids are provided by the SIFTS project

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The PDB to UniProt mapping is based on the data provided by the EBI SIFTS project. See also Velankar et al., Nucleic Acids Research 33, D262-265 (2005).

Protein Modification information provided by BioJava-ModFinder: Identification of protein modifications in 3D structures from the Protein Data Bank

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