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MyPDB Help

MyPDB lets users create a personalized version of the RCSB PDB website that is accessible from anywhere.

To get started with MyPDB, simply login using the orange button in the navigation bar. Users can login via an external provider such as Google, Facebook or ORCID. Once logged in, a user can view their MyPDB account information, stored queries as well as manage their settings.

Storing Queries

A MyPDB account allows you to store any type of RCSB PDB search you can perform on the website, including complex searches built with Advanced Search. Once registered and logged into MyPDB, users can access this feature from the results page of any search by selecting the "Save Search to MyPDB" orange button located in the top right of the search results page. Saved queries can be re-run at any time from your account.

E-mail Alerts

Using your MyPDB account, stored searches can be set to run with each update of the database. Email alerts will be sent when new results matching the search are available.

Your User Account Information

Your personal information is kept private and secure using industry best practices. Additionally, if you choose to login via an external authentication provider (such as Google or Facebook) your username and password are never stored on our systems, and your contact information (email) is provided and secured by them.