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Use this form to find structures that are being processed, on hold waiting for release, or have been withdrawn.

Status codes:
HPUB: processing complete, entry on hold until publication
HOLD: processing complete, entry on hold until a certain date
PROC: to be processed
WAIT: processing started, waiting for author input to continue processing
AUTH: processed, waiting for author review and approval
AUCO: author corrections pending review
REPL: author sent new coordinates, entry to be reprocessed
POLC: waiting for a policy decision
REFI: re-refined entry, processing pending availability of primary publication
TRSF: entry transferred to another data repository
WDRN: unreleased deposition withdrawn

The full listing of all unreleased entries is also available for viewing in your browser or for download as comma delimited text.

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PDB data are released in two phases:

  • Every Saturday by 3:00 UTC, sequence(s) (amino acid or nucleotide) for each distinct polymer and, where appropriate, the InChI string(s) for each distinct ligand are made available from the wwPDB website
  • Every Wednesday by 00:00 UTC, all new and modified data entries are updated at each of the wwPDB FTP sites

Please send us citation updates and release requests by noon ET on the preceding Thursday to be included.

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