X-Ray Experimental Help

For a diffraction method (X-ray, Neutron, Electron), a crystal is grown and then exposed to a beam which creates a diffraction pattern which is subsequently analyzed. A crystal is made up of a repeating unit called the unit cell, in a pseudo-inifinite lattice.

Category Description
cell The dimensions of the unit cell as measured in Angstroms (10^-10 meters) and degrees
exptl_xtal_grow The method and conditions in which the crystal is grown for the experiment
diffrn_source The particular X-ray used for the diffraction experiment
diffrn_detector For the scattering experiments, the detector used to collect the diffraction data
symmetry The symmetry of the crystal
diffrn_radiation The monochromator and data source description of the experiment
reflns The overall data collection statistics
reflns_shell The highest resolution shell data collection statistics
refine The statistics from refinement of the structure
refine_ls_restr Refinement program specific statistics on deviations from ideal bond lengths, angles, etc.
coordinate_error Estimates on the error in position of a given atom
refine_hist Counts of the number of differing types of atoms in the structure
computing Software used in different phases of determining the structure
software Software used in different phases of determining the structure