Crystal Structure of the Yeast Ribosomal Protein Rps3 in Complex with its Chaperone Yar1

A3.30.300.20 Alpha Beta 2-Layer Sandwich GMP Synthetase Chain A, domain 3
B1.25.40.20 Mainly Alpha Alpha Horseshoe Serine Threonine Protein Phosphatase 5, Tetratricopeptide repeat Ankyrin repeat-containing domain

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APF07650KH domain (KH_2)KH domain- Domain
APF00189Ribosomal protein S3, C-terminal domain (Ribosomal_S3_C)Ribosomal protein S3, C-terminal domainThis family contains a central domain Pfam:PF00013, hence the amino and carboxyl terminal domains are stored separately. This is a minimal carboxyl-terminal domain. Some are much longer.Domain
BPF12796Ankyrin repeats (3 copies) (Ank_2)Ankyrin repeats (3 copies)- Repeat