BEZ is found in 122 entries.

BEZ in polymers: 14 entries. Examples include 2FP7 2M9P 2M9Q

BEZ as free ligands, exist in 108 entries. Examples include 1A8U 1DJR 1GXS

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Chemical Component Summary

Identifiers benzoic acid
Formula C7 H6 O2
Molecular Weight 122.121  g/mol
Isomeric SMILES OC(=O)c1ccccc1
InChI InChI=1S/C7H6O2/c8-7(9)6-4-2-1-3-5-6/h1-5H,(H,8,9)

Chemical Details

Formal Charge 0
Atom Count 15
Chiral Atom Count 0
Chiral Atoms n/a
Bond Count 15
Aromatic Bond Count 6
Leaving Atoms n/a

Drug Info: DrugBank

DrugBank ID DB03793   (Stereoisomeric match)
Name Benzoic Acid
Groups approved
Description A fungistatic compound that is widely used as a food preservative. It is conjugated to GLYCINE in the liver and excreted as hippuric acid. As the sodium salt form, sodium benzoate is used as a treatment for urea cycle disorders due to its ability to bind amino acids. This leads to excretion of these amino acids and a decrease in ammonia levels. Recent research shows that sodium benzoate may be beneficial as an add-on therapy (1 gram/day) in schizophrenia. Total Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale scores dropped by 21% compared to placebo.

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