New pdb_extract Release



Version V3.11 of pdb_extract has been released as an online web tool and a downloadable workstation program.

pdb_extract is a program that minimizes errors and saves time during the deposition process by extracting key details from the output files produced by many X-ray crystallographic and NMR applications. The program merges these data into macromolecular Crystallographic Information File (mmCIF) data files that can be used with ADIT for validation and deposition.

New features include:

  • Data from hybrid method experiments
  • NCS and TLS ranges in BUSTER and REFMAC
  • Improved mtz to mmCIF conversion
  • Quality assessment of X-ray data

Complete details are available in the release notes and manual.

Depositors can upload files into the pdb_extract webserver or download the latest workstation version at Tutorials are also available for X-ray and NMR.

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