HIV Video Challenge Awards


For the second year in a row, the RCSB PDB invited high school students to create short videos that tell a story about HIV/AIDS. Students were tasked to include a visualization/animation of two or more molecular structures from the PDB, and include a message about the importance of testing.

2015 Video Challenge Awards

Judge's Award

Our panel of expert judges scored the videos based on scientific content (40%), creativity (20%), overall impact (10%), originality of concept (10%), entertainment value (10%), and production quality (10%).

  • First Place: Battling HIV: The Search for a Cure
    By Calvin Qian, Matthew Brown, Charles Morse, and Justin Halim of Academy of Allied Health and Science, Neptune City, NJ (Team Advisor: Richard Tempsick)

  • Second Place: The Search for a Vaccine for HIV
    By Alexa Skolnik and Maryann Zielinski of East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick, NJ (Team Advisor: Anne Sanelli)

  • Third Place: HAART: A Stop Motion Story
    By Justin May, Katarina Wang, Akshay Malavade, and Joy Song of East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick, NJ (Team Advisor: Louise Jasko)

  • Viewer's Choice Award: The Search for a Vaccine (as selected by popular vote)
    By Naszir Johnson, Henry Lucas, Matt Weiler, and Valeria Rodriguez of Engineering and Science University Magnet School, Hamden, CT (Team Advisor: Leon Tynes)

All submitted videos can be viewed online.

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