Structure of the citryl-CoA lyase core module of human ATP citrate lyase in complex with citrate

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A, B, C, DPF02629CoA binding domain (CoA_binding)CoA binding domainThis domain has a Rossmann fold and is found in a number of proteins including succinyl CoA synthetases, malate and ATP-citrate ligases.Domain
A, B, C, DPF00549CoA-ligase (Ligase_CoA)CoA-ligaseThis family includes the CoA ligases Succinyl-CoA synthetase alpha and beta chains, malate CoA ligase and ATP-citrate lyase. Some members of the family utilise ATP others use GTP.Domain
A, B, C, DPF16114ATP citrate lyase citrate-binding (Citrate_bind)ATP citrate lyase citrate-bindingThis is the citrate-binding domain of ATP citrate lyase. This domain has a Rossmann fold [1].Domain
A, B, C, DPF00285Citrate synthase, C-terminal domain (Citrate_synt)Citrate synthase, C-terminal domainThis is the long, C-terminal part of the enzyme.Domain