XQ4: (1S,2R,3S,5S,6S,16E,18E,20R,21S)-11-chloro-21-hydroxy-12,20-dimethoxy-2,5,9,16-tetramethyl-8,23-dioxo-4,24-dioxa-9,22-diazatetracyclo[,14~.0~3,5~]hexacosa-10(26),11,13,16,18-pentaen-6-yl (2S)-2-{methyl[3-(methylamino)propanoyl]amino}propanoate (non-preferred name)

XQ4 is a Ligand Of Interest in 7L05 designated by the RCSB

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IdentifierRanking for goodness of fit Ranking for geometry Real space R factor Real space correlation coefficient RMSZ-bond-length RMSZ-bond-angleOutliers of bond length Outliers of bond angle Atomic clashesStereochemical errorsModel completenessAverage occupancy
7L05_XQ4_D_503 27% 17% 0.225 0.8731.67 1.9 7 1400100%1