Structure of bacterial 30S-IF1-IF3-mRNA translation pre-initiation complex (state-1C)

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Version NumberVersion DateVersion Type/Reason Version ChangeRevised CIF Category
1.02016-10-05Initial release
1.12017-08-02Data collection, Derived calculationsem_image_scans, em_software, pdbx_struct_conn_angle, struct_conn
1.22019-02-20Advisory, Data collection, Derived calculationsem_admin, pdbx_data_processing_status, pdbx_database_proc, pdbx_seq_map_depositor_info, pdbx_unobs_or_zero_occ_atoms, pdbx_validate_close_contact, struct_conn, struct_conn_type
1.32019-10-02Data collection, Otheratom_sites, cell Download