Improved Version of ADIT Available


The ADIT deposition tool logo
An updated and enhanced version of ADIT is now available for depositing new entries at We encourage depositors to use this new tool and send feedback to

ADIT is used to validate and submit structures to the PDB archive.  Based upon user feedback, we have made improvements to the help statements and documentation provided. This version of ADIT indicates file format errors and provides suggestions for solutions; automatically runs validation checks; and reviews the consistency between sequence and coordinates. The forms for entering sequence information, structure title, author names, and citation information have also been improved.

Currently, this new version of ADIT is being transitioned into production, and will become the default site for deposition on selected days each week for testing. The date of full deployment will depend upon the results of this testing.

Deposition sessions currently in process will not be disrupted; depositors will not have to update any bookmarks or session ID.  

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