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wwPDB members provide depositors with detailed reports that include the results of geometric and experimental data checking as part of the structure annotation process. These documents are available from all wwPDB annotation sites as PDF files so that they may be easily reviewed and shared by depositors.

As these PDB validation reports provide an assessment of structure quality while keeping the coordinate file confidential, we encourage journal editors and referees to request them from depositors as part of the manuscript submission and review process. The reports are date-stamped, and display the wwPDB processing site logo. They contain essentially the same information, regardless of PDB annotation site (Example reports: RCSB PDB | PDBe | PDBj). The validation reports will continue to be developed and improved as we receive recommendations from our Validation Task Forces for X-ray, NMR, EM, and small angle scattering methods, and as we further develop our data deposition and processing procedures.

PDB validation reports are already required by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) journals as part of their submission process and are described in an editorial recently published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

Questions about these reports and the annotation process may be sent to

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