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Categorized Views.

Currently, 130 Molecule of the Month articles cover topics from AAA+ proteases to zinc fingers. These columns have been organized to help users explore the Molecule of the Month--and the PDB archive--in the context of biology.  Major functional categories can be browsed for areas of interest. Within each topic, descriptive subcategories then lead to the relevant Molecule of the Month features. These categories will grow as new features are published.

The major topic categories include:

Past Molecule of the Month articles can still be searched by date and feature title, but the category view lets users access the Molecule of the Month archive with a biological interest in mind, rather than a specific molecule.  The Biological Energy topic category, for example, contains subcategories Capturing the Energy in Food, Photosynthesis, Molecular Motors, and Creating and Capturing Light, which can be browsed for the related Molecule of the Month features.  The same article will be listed under multiple categories/subcategories if it can be categorized in several ways.

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