Improving Download Services


Website/HTTP access to PDB data files is improving as RCSB PDB moves to a scalable, cloud-based service that will better support our growing user community. Access to this service via is not rate-limited or throttled for heavy users, and programmatic usage is encouraged.

This method is being used to deliver PDB entry data files (PDB and PDBx/mmCIF formats) from the Download Tool and from Structure Summary pages (Display and Download options). Data are returned faster and more reliably.

Download files from http://files.rcsb.orgDisplay and download PDB data faster.

Simplified URLs point to compressed and uncompressed files to better enable use of PDB data in software applications:

Action Example URLs
(action/content is in bold)
Directly display PDB entries in PDB or PDBx/mmCIF format in a web browser
Download data files (uncompressed or compressed)
Access an entry's non-coordinate information (authorship, citation, database references, etc.)
Improving access to entry data files was the first step in a phased approach; we will continue to improve download services. Comments and questions are welcomed.

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