Structure Validation and Quality

Access user-submitted suggestions of websites related to macromolecular structure.

CheckMyMetalA service checks metal binding site and validation
MolProbityStructure validation on client-uploaded or PDB ID-specified files, using all-atom contact analysis tools and updated geometrical criteria for phi/psi, sidechain rotamer, and Cbeta deviation
NQ-FlipperNQ-Flipper recognizes unfavorable rotamers of Asn and Gln residues in protein structures obtained from X-ray crystallography, NMR or modelling studies.
ProcheckA program that checks the stereochemical quality of a protein structure
Prosa-webQuality scores of a protein are displayed in the context of all known protein structures and problematic parts of a structure are shown and highlighted in a 3D molecule viewer.
Verify3D Structure Evaluation ServerDetermines the compatibility of an atomic model (3D) with its own amino acid sequence (1D) by assigning a structural class based on its location and environment (alpha, beta, loop, polar, nonpolar etc) and comparing the results to good structures.
WHAT IFA protein structure analysis program that may be used for mutant prediction, structure verification and molecular graphics
WHAT_CHECKA system for protein structure validation derived from the WHAT IF program

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Last updated: 6/14/2022